2016 Cattle Show Results

Class No.Class Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
1South Devon steer pure bred Sponsored by Consols Oils and Lloyds Bank plcSJ & SM Ward
2South Devon heifer pure bred Sponsored by Cornish Mutual and Mitchell & WebberN & E BunkumR K RundleN & E Bunkum
3Any pure or cross bred steer or heifer 100% British native breeding, excluding pure bred South Devon. Sponsored by Trewithen Estate and Robinson Reed Layton L Calcraft
4Any cross bred steer or heifer sired by a British native breed. Sponsored by Cornwall Farmers and Barclays Bank plcN Jenkinson
5 - AAny pure or cross bred steer sired by non British native breed - Section A Sponsored by S C Nutrution Ltd and SavillsWhitehouse Farm PartnershipAMC EddySJ & SM Ward
5 - BAny pure or cross bred steer sired by non British native breed - Section B Sponsored by S C Nutrution Ltd and SavillsAMC EddyAMC EddyK Richards
5BAny pure or cross bred steer sired by non British native breed - Section B
6 - AAny pure or cross bred heifer, excluding pure bred South Devon. - Section A Sponsored by PKF Francis ClarkAMC EddyL CalcraftN & E Bunkum
6 - BAny pure or cross bred heifer, excluding pure bred South Devon. - Section B Sponsored by PKF Francis ClarkO PenellumAMC EddyA Penellum
7Best steer or heifer never won 1st prize at Truro before Sponsored by Mr James Williams and Mr Fred JamesA PenellumWhitehouse Farm PartnershipK Richards
8Best pair of cattle of any breed or cross. Sponsored by Tregothnan EstateAMC EddyAMC EddyL Calcraft
9Best Local steer or heifer (Exhibitor bred) Sponsored by Hamblys LtdSJ & SM WardR K RundleSJ & SM Ward
10Best Local steer or heifer (Non exhibitor bred) Jointly sponsored by NFU Mutual Group Secretaries:
Andrew Martin, Alistair Murdoch, Paul Hawkins, Ian Maddever, Richard Angove, Sofia Valles, Cheryl Valter and Sarah Potter
O PenellumA Penellum
Prize Money
Show Champion - Sponsored by the Nare HotelO Penellum£100
Reserve Champion - Sponsorped by Mole Valley Farmers LtdN Jenkinson£50
Local Champion - Sponsored by Lodge and ThomasO Penellum
Reserve Local Champion - Sponsored by Robert Trevarthan Wholesale Butcher & HaulierSJ & SM Ward

2016 Sheep Class Results

Class No.Class Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
11Best pen of 2 lambs of any weight or breed. Market ready - no show trimming, colouring or washing allowed. Sponsored by SAI GlobalBob CoadBob CoadAngus Wright
12Pair of butchers lambs pure or cross bred sired by a Continental ram. Average 46.6kgs and under Sponsored by Aqua Source (SW) LtdP & L CalcraftA & A PedrickA & A Pedrick
13Pair of butchers lambs pure or cross bred sired by a British native breed ram - Any weight Sponsored by M A Grigg - Griggs Country StoreNo entries
14Pair of butchers lambs pure or cross bred sired by a Continental ram. - Average over 46.6 kgs Sponsored by J V Richards (Rietfontein) LtdN A PhillipsGwen RenfreeP & L Calcraft
15The best single butchers lamb, any breed, any weight. Sponsored by Jack Weir and Mrs Sandra Thomas -WeirN A PhillipsP & L CalcraftA & A Pedrick
Prize Money
Supreme Champion Pair of Lambs Sponsored by Cornwall Countryside Supplies LtdN A Phillips£50
Reserve Champion Pair of Lambs Sponsored by Hewaswater Scaffolding LtdP & L Calcraft£25

2016 Lamb Carcass Class Results

Class No.Class Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
15aBest Single Dressed Lamb Carcass - exhibitor bred & fedNA PhillipsMichael MonkP Kingdon & Sons
Prize Money
Champion Lamb CarcassNA Phillips£25
Reserve Champion Lamb CarcassMichael Monk£20

2016 Farm Produce Results

Class No.Class Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Hay and Silage Sponsored by Stephens Scown Solicitors
16Best meadow hayMrs J AnnearDan Barrett -Probus YFCIan Boase
17Best seeds hayNo entries
18Best sample of baled grass silageJohn VercoeJohn VercoeToby Rickard
19Best sample of clamp grass silageCJ & PH GeorgeJohn HellerMr P Gluyas
20Best sample of maize silageCJ & PH GeorgeDavid BroadCJ & PH George
21Best sample of whole crop silageNo entries
Grain Sponsored by Hutchinsons Ltd
22WheatMr P Gluyas
23OatsMr P GluyasSJ & SM Ward
24Barley (Winter)Mr P GluyasAshley Richards - Praze YFCHC Emmett
25Barley (Spring)Mr P GluyasHC EmmettRoger Lutey
26Field Peas or Beans or LupinsSJ & SM Ward
27Oilseed RapeNo entries
Roots Sponsored by Alan Snow Agricultural Engineers
28Three Mangolds (Globe or Intermediate)TB OsborneTB Osborne
29Heaviest MangoldTB Osborne
30Three SwedesTB OsborneTB OsborneMrs B Chapman
31Heaviest SwedeET Goldsworthy & SonET Goldsworthy & Son
32Three Fodder BeetTB OsborneSJ & SM WardLuke Care - Probus YFC
33Heaviest Fodder BeetLuke Care - Probus YFCK & L CareSJ & SM Ward
34Two Flatpoll cabbagesNo entries
353 Stems of KaleR Prowse
Commercially Grown Vegetables Sponsored by YARA UK Ltd
362 Heads CauliflowerMark PryorPE Simmons & Son LtdSouthern England Farms
37Supermarket Face Pack of Cauliflower (x8)Mark PryorPE Simmons & Son LtdR Collins & Sons
382 Savoy CabbagesID & SS BackwayPE Simmons & Son LtdSouthern England Farms
392 heads of CalabreseNo entries
402 Stems Brussell SproutsID & SS BackwayR Collins & Sons
41Five White Potatoes (Any variety)No entries
42Five Coloured Potatoes (Any variety)SJ & SM WardSJ & SM Ward
43Nine Potatoes in Three varieties - namedNo entries
44Heaviest PotatoID & SS Backway
45A collection of assorted vegetablesID & SS BackwayR Collins & Sons
46A 'Novelty' Naturally Shaped VegetableET Goldsworthy & SonSJ & SM Ward

2016 Domestic Class Results

Class No.Class Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Vegetables Sponsored by Stags Estate Agents
49Three White Potatoes - any varietyN J HoskingN J HoskingColin Phillips
50Three Coloured Potatoes - any varietyN J HoskingN J HoskingColin Phillips
51Nine Potatoes in three varieties, namedN J HoskingN J HoskingColin Phillips
52Best Three OnionsColin PhillipsGilbert GriggColin Phillips
53Best Three CarrotsColin Phillips
54Best Six ShallotsColin PhillipsColin PhillipsMr C Thomas
55Best Three Leeks (tops & roots untrimmed)Colin PhillipsColin PhillipsTheresa Ford
56Best Three Beetroot (untrimmed)No entries
57Best Three ParsnipsMr C ThomasT Floyd
58Heaviest Quality OnionColin PhillipsColin PhillipsT Floyd
59Best MarrowMr M P ChegwiddenMr C ThomasMrs J Annear
60Best PumpkinMr J McCullochID & SS BackwayMr M P Chegwidden
61Heaviest PumpkinID & SS BackwayNicola BushMr N Baker
62Five Fronds of ParsleyColin PhillipsMr C Thomas
Apples Sponsored by Mr Trevor Burley1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
63Dish of 3 Culinary ApplesMrs J AnnearSimon TrehaneHelen Thomas
64Dish of 3 Dessert ApplesT FloydT FloydSimon Trehane
Eggs Sponsored by Fentongollan Plants Ltd & Mrs Pam Williams1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
653 Large Dark BrownMrs J ColtonMr & Mrs E T CarlyonR Hosking
663 Large WhiteS & C SharrintonR HoskingR Hosking
673 Large Light BrownMrs J ColtonSamuel RoweR Hosking
683 Large AOCS & C SharrintonR HoskingKatharine Boase
693 Bantam Dark BrownS & C SharrintonS & C Sharrinton
703 Bantam WhiteTheresa FordEmma Bennetts - Threemilestone YFC
713 Bantam Light BrownS & C SharrintonTheresa Ford
723 Bantam AOCS & C Sharrinton
731 Supreme LargeR HoskingS & C SharrintonMrs J Colton
741 Supreme BantamS & C SharrintonS & C Sharrinton
753 WaterfowlR HoskingR HoskingSamuel Rowe
761 Hen’s Egg, contents onlyEmma Bennetts - Threemilestone YFCMrs J ColtonS & C Sharrinton
Cookery Sponsored by Mr & Mrs E T Carlyon1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
77Brown Bread Loaf - approx 450g (1lb)E Williams - Praze WIAbi Rusden - Probus YFCMrs R Hocking
78Four White Splits - joinedBecca Wilkins - Probus YFCGeorgina Monk - Lostwithiel YFCMrs B Chapman
79White Cottage Loaf – approx 450g (1lb)Becca Wilkins - Probus YFCMrs R HockingMrs R Hocking
80Four Saffron BunsBecca Wilkins - Probus YFCSuzanne BeardMrs B Chapman
81Four Mince Pies - Shortcrust pastryE Williams - Praze WIMrs B OldLindsay Knellar - Probus YFC
82Cornish Heavy Cake - approx 7” diameterMrs J AnnearEmma HarrisLindsay Knellar - Probus YFC
83Four Shortbread FingersJane ParkerGeorgina ParkerLaura Roberts - Threemilestone YFC
84Victoria Sponge, raspberry jam filled - approx 7"Emma HarrisGeorgina ParkerMrs E Birchall
85A Chocolate Yule LogGeorgina Monk - Lostwithiel YFCMrs S Trewin - Bodmin Gaolbirds WIShannon Wimberley
86Four Fruit SconesKaren Batten - St Columb YFCJane ParkerMrs S Trewin - Bodmin Gaolbirds WI
87Cornish Pasty - approx 7" longEmily Tozer - Roche YFCMrs B ChapmanMrs B Old
88Four Sausage Rolls - Shortcrust PastryLouise Barrett - St Columb YFCEmily Tozer - Roche YFCJoint Rachel Eames & Mrs L Care
89An Iced Christmas Cake (Not to be cut)Mrs S NewlinMrs A HaywoodJade Cartwright
90ADate, Walnut & Apple Loaf - set recipe - Section AMrs S BackwayEmma HarrisMrs T Thomas
90BDate, Walnut & Apple Loaf - set recipe - Section BMrs B OldSuzanne BeardMrs K Backway - St Columb YFC
91Novice class - Four Rock BunsTom Retallick - St Columb YFCEmily Tozer - Roche YFCHannah Beard
92Pizza - Thin Base any topping 7" diameter (YFC members only)Laura Monk - Threemilestone YFCEmily Tozer - Roche YFCTom Retallick - St Columb YFC
93Four Decorated Cup Cakes (YFC members only)Katie Blewett - St Buryan YFCLaura Monk - Threemilestone YFCLucy Thomas - Threemilestone YFC
94Lemon Drizzle Loaf - 2lb tin (YFC members only)Louise Barrett - St Columb YFCKelly Gibbs - St Columb YFCGeorgina Monk - Lostwithiel YFC
95Cornish Pasty - approx 7" long (YFC members only)Mrs K Backway - St Columb YFCRewan Coad - Threemilestone YFCRachael Harris - Probus YFC
96Four Flapjacks (Childrens Class: Aged 15 and under)Emily Tozer - Roche YFCHarriett Bunney - Probus YFCSamuel Rowe
Preserves Sponsored by Mr Richard Thomas1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
97Jar of MincemeatMrs M Sampson - Shortlanesend WIMrs J Andrews - Gylly Girls WIMrs S Backway
98Jar of JellyMrs J Andrews - Gylly Girls WIMrs S ThomasMrs E Falkner
99Jar of MarmaladeMrs J AnnearMrs J Andrews - Gylly Girls WIJudith Rundle
100Jar of JamMrs J AnnearMrs J Andrews - Gylly Girls WIJudith Rundle
101Jar of Lemon CurdMrs S ThomasMrs H AndersonE Williams - Praze WI
102Jar of ChutneyMrs J Andrews - Gylly Girls WIMrs H AndersonJudith Rundle
103Jar of Chutney (Novice Class)No entries
104Homemade Liqueur suitable for hipflask exhibited in a clear 250ml bottleMr J McCullochMiss L ThomasMr M S Evans
Honey Sponsored by Truro Farm Machinery Ltd1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
1052 Jars of Light HoneyJohn RobertsMrs J SargentJohn Roberts
1062 Jars of Medium HoneyMrs S SleemanJohn RobertsJohn Roberts
1072 Jars of Dark HoneyB W Smetheram
1082 Jars of Naturally Crystallised HoneyB W SmetheramB W Smetheram
1092 Cartons of Cut Comb Honey (not less than 200g )No entries
110Cake of Beeswax (not less than 227g in weight)Joint John Roberts & B W SmetheramMrs S Sleeman
1113 Beeswax candlesMrs J SargentB W SmetheramMrs J Dale
1121 Jar of Honey to be judged on flavour aloneMrs J SargentB W SmetheramMrs S Sleeman
Photography Sponsored by Teagle Machinery1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
113Colour photograph ‘Beekeeping’. Max.10in x 8in including mountClare GriggMr & Mrs E T CarlyonMrs J Richards
114‘A Cornish Landmark’ Max.10in x 8in including mountKelly Gibbs - St Columb YFCSally WhitneySamantha Shearing
115‘Showtime’ Max.10in x 8in including mountClare GriggMrs J RichardsSally Whitney
120B‘Four-Legged Friend’ Max.10in x 8in including mount - section B
116‘My Favourite Flower’ Max.10in x 8in including mountJade CartwrightMrs J WithersMr & Mrs E T Carlyon
117‘Farmyard’ Max.10in x 8in including mountMrs J WithersClare GriggEmma Harris
Floral Art Section Sponsored by Truro City Council1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
118A Petite Arrangement including a Christmas BaubleMrs P WilliamsHelen ThomasMrs E Kirk
119A Christmas Table Arrangement including a Christmas Cracker(s)Mrs P WilliamsMrs E KirkHelen Thomas
120Foliage Arrangement, themed a 'Cold Winters Morning'Helen ThomasMrs E KirkMrs P Williams
121A Contemporary Door Wreath, depicting the Pantomime 'Cinderella'Mrs E KirkHelen ThomasMrs P Williams
Handicraft Sponsored by Mr & Mrs Paul Vage1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
122Woodcarving - A SculptureJack VageR GluyasJack Vage
123Woodcarving - A ReliefYvonne VivianGregory LeachR Gluyas
124Wood - Turned ArticleJack VageJack VageRichard Annear
125Wood -Turned Article (Novice)Andrew BastianiWilliam Ham - Threemilestone YFCWilliam Ham - Threemilestone YFC
126An exhibit in Cross StitchMary Lindsey - Truro WIMary Lindsey - Truro WISamantha Shearing
127An embroidered itemMr & Mrs ET CarlyonMrs P DoddJoint - P Gluyas & Mrs W McCulloch
128A Christmas CardMary Lindsey - Truro WIMary Lindsey - Truro WIMrs M Northey
129A PurseMrs P Dodd
130A Christmas StockingNo entries
131An Cuddly ToyMary Lindsey - Truro WIMary Lindsey - Truro WIA J McKay - Truro WI
132A Painted Ceramic ItemNo entries
133Promoting Cornish Wool 'Something Out of Nothing'Liz RobertsMr B DurrantAlison Chamberlain
134A Bobble Hat - any Medium (YFC Members only)Abi Rusden - Probus YFC
135A Christmas Cracker - Not Kit form (YFC members only)Kerris Richards - Praze YFCKerris Richards - Praze YFCProbus YFC
Childrens Section Sponsored by Mr Geoff Osborne1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
136A Decorated Crown - Year R/1/2Ladock C of E SchoolBen BoaseThomas Howard
137Handwriting – ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ 1st Verse - Year R/1/2Threemilestone SchoolBen BoaseMount Hawke Academy
138A Handprint or Footprint Painting - Year R/1/2Mount Hawke AcademyHarry BucklandProbus Primary School
Childrens Section (Year 3 - Year 4)1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
139A Decorated Wooden Spoon - Year 3/4Probus Primary SchoolJoint - Threemilestone School & Veryan C of E School
140Handwriting – ‘Away in a Manger' 1st & 2nd verses - Year 3/4Ladock C of E SchoolSavanna VincentThreemilestone School
141An Animal Drawing - Year 3/4Amelia BoaseLadock C of E SchoolThreemilestone School
Childrens Section (Year 5 - Year 6)1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
142A String Picture - Year 5/6Max GriggLadock C of E SchoolDaniel Anderson
143Handwriting - ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ 1st, 2nd & 3rd verses - Year 5/6Probus Primary SchoolThreemilestone SchoolVeryan C of E School
144A Poster for a Christmas School Fayre - Computer Aided - Year 5/6Probus Primary SchoolLadock C of E SchoolVeryan C of E School

2016 Young Farmers Results

Class No.Class Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Sponsored by Harper Home Mix
47Points Judging:Natalie Brown - Threemilestone YFCKerris Richards - Praze YFCFleur Hinkley - Threemilestone YFC
48Beef Stock JudgingKerris Richards - Praze YFCFleur Hinkley - Threemilestone YFC

2016 Champion purchased by Judge from Sheffield

The Show has once again been a great success, under our President HH Judge Christopher Harvey Clark QC, and Chairman, John Lamble.  The Committee are very grateful for the time and commitment of all our judges.  Our cattle judge this year was Mr J Woolley who travelled all the way from Sheffield to be with us.

The Champion, sponsored by the Nare Hotel, was won by Oliver Penellum with “Poldark”, a Belgian Blue cross Limousin cross steer, weighing 526kg and sold for £5/kg to the judge Mr Woolley.

The Reserve Champion, sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers, was won by N. Jenkinson of Shebbear, Beaworthy, with “Granny’s Boy”, an Aberdeen Angus cross Belgian Blue cross steer weighing 558kg and sold for £4.20/kg to RJ Trevarthen.

The Local Champion, sponsored by our auctioneers, Lodge and Thomas, was also won by Oliver Pendulum with Poldark.

The Reserve Local Champion, sponsored by R J Trevarthen, was won by the Society’s Vice Chairman, Stuart Ward, of Grampound Road with “Lucky”, a Limousine cross South Devon cross Belgian Blue steer weighing 678kg and sold for £3.80 to RJ Trevarthen.

The Champion Pair of Lambs, sponsored by Cornwall Countryside Supplies, was won by Mr N Phillips of Mylor and sold to JV Richards (Rietfontein) Ltd.

The Reserve Champion Pair of Lambs, sponsored by Hewaswater Scaffolding, was won by P and L Calcraft of Payhembury, Honiton.

Videos are available on our Facebook page.