2016 Domestic Class Results

Class No.Class Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Vegetables Sponsored by Stags Estate Agents
49Three White Potatoes - any varietyN J HoskingN J HoskingColin Phillips
50Three Coloured Potatoes - any varietyN J HoskingN J HoskingColin Phillips
51Nine Potatoes in three varieties, namedN J HoskingN J HoskingColin Phillips
52Best Three OnionsColin PhillipsGilbert GriggColin Phillips
53Best Three CarrotsColin Phillips
54Best Six ShallotsColin PhillipsColin PhillipsMr C Thomas
55Best Three Leeks (tops & roots untrimmed)Colin PhillipsColin PhillipsTheresa Ford
56Best Three Beetroot (untrimmed)No entries
57Best Three ParsnipsMr C ThomasT Floyd
58Heaviest Quality OnionColin PhillipsColin PhillipsT Floyd
59Best MarrowMr M P ChegwiddenMr C ThomasMrs J Annear
60Best PumpkinMr J McCullochID & SS BackwayMr M P Chegwidden
61Heaviest PumpkinID & SS BackwayNicola BushMr N Baker
62Five Fronds of ParsleyColin PhillipsMr C Thomas
Apples Sponsored by Mr Trevor Burley1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
63Dish of 3 Culinary ApplesMrs J AnnearSimon TrehaneHelen Thomas
64Dish of 3 Dessert ApplesT FloydT FloydSimon Trehane
Eggs Sponsored by Fentongollan Plants Ltd & Mrs Pam Williams1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
653 Large Dark BrownMrs J ColtonMr & Mrs E T CarlyonR Hosking
663 Large WhiteS & C SharrintonR HoskingR Hosking
673 Large Light BrownMrs J ColtonSamuel RoweR Hosking
683 Large AOCS & C SharrintonR HoskingKatharine Boase
693 Bantam Dark BrownS & C SharrintonS & C Sharrinton
703 Bantam WhiteTheresa FordEmma Bennetts - Threemilestone YFC
713 Bantam Light BrownS & C SharrintonTheresa Ford
723 Bantam AOCS & C Sharrinton
731 Supreme LargeR HoskingS & C SharrintonMrs J Colton
741 Supreme BantamS & C SharrintonS & C Sharrinton
753 WaterfowlR HoskingR HoskingSamuel Rowe
761 Hen’s Egg, contents onlyEmma Bennetts - Threemilestone YFCMrs J ColtonS & C Sharrinton
Cookery Sponsored by Mr & Mrs E T Carlyon1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
77Brown Bread Loaf - approx 450g (1lb)E Williams - Praze WIAbi Rusden - Probus YFCMrs R Hocking
78Four White Splits - joinedBecca Wilkins - Probus YFCGeorgina Monk - Lostwithiel YFCMrs B Chapman
79White Cottage Loaf – approx 450g (1lb)Becca Wilkins - Probus YFCMrs R HockingMrs R Hocking
80Four Saffron BunsBecca Wilkins - Probus YFCSuzanne BeardMrs B Chapman
81Four Mince Pies - Shortcrust pastryE Williams - Praze WIMrs B OldLindsay Knellar - Probus YFC
82Cornish Heavy Cake - approx 7” diameterMrs J AnnearEmma HarrisLindsay Knellar - Probus YFC
83Four Shortbread FingersJane ParkerGeorgina ParkerLaura Roberts - Threemilestone YFC
84Victoria Sponge, raspberry jam filled - approx 7"Emma HarrisGeorgina ParkerMrs E Birchall
85A Chocolate Yule LogGeorgina Monk - Lostwithiel YFCMrs S Trewin - Bodmin Gaolbirds WIShannon Wimberley
86Four Fruit SconesKaren Batten - St Columb YFCJane ParkerMrs S Trewin - Bodmin Gaolbirds WI
87Cornish Pasty - approx 7" longEmily Tozer - Roche YFCMrs B ChapmanMrs B Old
88Four Sausage Rolls - Shortcrust PastryLouise Barrett - St Columb YFCEmily Tozer - Roche YFCJoint Rachel Eames & Mrs L Care
89An Iced Christmas Cake (Not to be cut)Mrs S NewlinMrs A HaywoodJade Cartwright
90ADate, Walnut & Apple Loaf - set recipe - Section AMrs S BackwayEmma HarrisMrs T Thomas
90BDate, Walnut & Apple Loaf - set recipe - Section BMrs B OldSuzanne BeardMrs K Backway - St Columb YFC
91Novice class - Four Rock BunsTom Retallick - St Columb YFCEmily Tozer - Roche YFCHannah Beard
92Pizza - Thin Base any topping 7" diameter (YFC members only)Laura Monk - Threemilestone YFCEmily Tozer - Roche YFCTom Retallick - St Columb YFC
93Four Decorated Cup Cakes (YFC members only)Katie Blewett - St Buryan YFCLaura Monk - Threemilestone YFCLucy Thomas - Threemilestone YFC
94Lemon Drizzle Loaf - 2lb tin (YFC members only)Louise Barrett - St Columb YFCKelly Gibbs - St Columb YFCGeorgina Monk - Lostwithiel YFC
95Cornish Pasty - approx 7" long (YFC members only)Mrs K Backway - St Columb YFCRewan Coad - Threemilestone YFCRachael Harris - Probus YFC
96Four Flapjacks (Childrens Class: Aged 15 and under)Emily Tozer - Roche YFCHarriett Bunney - Probus YFCSamuel Rowe
Preserves Sponsored by Mr Richard Thomas1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
97Jar of MincemeatMrs M Sampson - Shortlanesend WIMrs J Andrews - Gylly Girls WIMrs S Backway
98Jar of JellyMrs J Andrews - Gylly Girls WIMrs S ThomasMrs E Falkner
99Jar of MarmaladeMrs J AnnearMrs J Andrews - Gylly Girls WIJudith Rundle
100Jar of JamMrs J AnnearMrs J Andrews - Gylly Girls WIJudith Rundle
101Jar of Lemon CurdMrs S ThomasMrs H AndersonE Williams - Praze WI
102Jar of ChutneyMrs J Andrews - Gylly Girls WIMrs H AndersonJudith Rundle
103Jar of Chutney (Novice Class)No entries
104Homemade Liqueur suitable for hipflask exhibited in a clear 250ml bottleMr J McCullochMiss L ThomasMr M S Evans
Honey Sponsored by Truro Farm Machinery Ltd1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
1052 Jars of Light HoneyJohn RobertsMrs J SargentJohn Roberts
1062 Jars of Medium HoneyMrs S SleemanJohn RobertsJohn Roberts
1072 Jars of Dark HoneyB W Smetheram
1082 Jars of Naturally Crystallised HoneyB W SmetheramB W Smetheram
1092 Cartons of Cut Comb Honey (not less than 200g )No entries
110Cake of Beeswax (not less than 227g in weight)Joint John Roberts & B W SmetheramMrs S Sleeman
1113 Beeswax candlesMrs J SargentB W SmetheramMrs J Dale
1121 Jar of Honey to be judged on flavour aloneMrs J SargentB W SmetheramMrs S Sleeman
Photography Sponsored by Teagle Machinery1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
113Colour photograph ‘Beekeeping’. Max.10in x 8in including mountClare GriggMr & Mrs E T CarlyonMrs J Richards
114‘A Cornish Landmark’ Max.10in x 8in including mountKelly Gibbs - St Columb YFCSally WhitneySamantha Shearing
115‘Showtime’ Max.10in x 8in including mountClare GriggMrs J RichardsSally Whitney
120B‘Four-Legged Friend’ Max.10in x 8in including mount - section B
116‘My Favourite Flower’ Max.10in x 8in including mountJade CartwrightMrs J WithersMr & Mrs E T Carlyon
117‘Farmyard’ Max.10in x 8in including mountMrs J WithersClare GriggEmma Harris
Floral Art Section Sponsored by Truro City Council1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
118A Petite Arrangement including a Christmas BaubleMrs P WilliamsHelen ThomasMrs E Kirk
119A Christmas Table Arrangement including a Christmas Cracker(s)Mrs P WilliamsMrs E KirkHelen Thomas
120Foliage Arrangement, themed a 'Cold Winters Morning'Helen ThomasMrs E KirkMrs P Williams
121A Contemporary Door Wreath, depicting the Pantomime 'Cinderella'Mrs E KirkHelen ThomasMrs P Williams
Handicraft Sponsored by Mr & Mrs Paul Vage1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
122Woodcarving - A SculptureJack VageR GluyasJack Vage
123Woodcarving - A ReliefYvonne VivianGregory LeachR Gluyas
124Wood - Turned ArticleJack VageJack VageRichard Annear
125Wood -Turned Article (Novice)Andrew BastianiWilliam Ham - Threemilestone YFCWilliam Ham - Threemilestone YFC
126An exhibit in Cross StitchMary Lindsey - Truro WIMary Lindsey - Truro WISamantha Shearing
127An embroidered itemMr & Mrs ET CarlyonMrs P DoddJoint - P Gluyas & Mrs W McCulloch
128A Christmas CardMary Lindsey - Truro WIMary Lindsey - Truro WIMrs M Northey
129A PurseMrs P Dodd
130A Christmas StockingNo entries
131An Cuddly ToyMary Lindsey - Truro WIMary Lindsey - Truro WIA J McKay - Truro WI
132A Painted Ceramic ItemNo entries
133Promoting Cornish Wool 'Something Out of Nothing'Liz RobertsMr B DurrantAlison Chamberlain
134A Bobble Hat - any Medium (YFC Members only)Abi Rusden - Probus YFC
135A Christmas Cracker - Not Kit form (YFC members only)Kerris Richards - Praze YFCKerris Richards - Praze YFCProbus YFC
Childrens Section Sponsored by Mr Geoff Osborne1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
136A Decorated Crown - Year R/1/2Ladock C of E SchoolBen BoaseThomas Howard
137Handwriting – ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ 1st Verse - Year R/1/2Threemilestone SchoolBen BoaseMount Hawke Academy
138A Handprint or Footprint Painting - Year R/1/2Mount Hawke AcademyHarry BucklandProbus Primary School
Childrens Section (Year 3 - Year 4)1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
139A Decorated Wooden Spoon - Year 3/4Probus Primary SchoolJoint - Threemilestone School & Veryan C of E School
140Handwriting – ‘Away in a Manger' 1st & 2nd verses - Year 3/4Ladock C of E SchoolSavanna VincentThreemilestone School
141An Animal Drawing - Year 3/4Amelia BoaseLadock C of E SchoolThreemilestone School
Childrens Section (Year 5 - Year 6)1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
142A String Picture - Year 5/6Max GriggLadock C of E SchoolDaniel Anderson
143Handwriting - ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ 1st, 2nd & 3rd verses - Year 5/6Probus Primary SchoolThreemilestone SchoolVeryan C of E School
144A Poster for a Christmas School Fayre - Computer Aided - Year 5/6Probus Primary SchoolLadock C of E SchoolVeryan C of E School