Domestic Classes – Results 2013

Class No.Class Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Vegetables - sponsored by Stags and James Williams
54Three White Potatoes - any varietyMr N J HoskingMr N J HoskingMr C Phillips
55Three Coloured Potatoes - any varietyMr N J HoskingMr N J HoskingMr C Phillips
56Nine Potatoes in three varieties, namedMr N J HoskingMr N J HoskingMr C Phillips
57Best Three OnionsMr C PhillipsMr C Phillips
58Best Three CarrotsMr C PhillipsMr C Phillips
59Best Six ShallotsNo Entries
60Best Three Leeks (tops & roots untrimmed)P N Kneebone & Son
61Best Three Beetroot (untrimmed)Mr N J HoskingMr N J Hosking
62Best Three ParsnipsMr C PhillipsMr C Phillips
63Heaviest Quality OnionMr C PhillipsMr C PhillipsMr T Floyd
64Best MarrowMr C PhillipsMr T FloydMr P Chegwidden
65Best PumpkinFarah AliP N Kneebone & SonMr J McCulloch
66Heaviest PumpkinMr J McCullochP N Kneebone & SonP N Kneebone & Son
67Five Fronds of ParsleyMr C PhillipsMr C Phillips
Apples1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
68Dish of 3 Culinary ApplesMrs A BridleMr T FloydMrs J Annear
69Dish of 3 Dessert ApplesMr T FloydMrs A BridleMr T Floyd
Eggs - sponsored by Cornwall Countryside Supplies Ltd1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
703 Large Dark BrownMr R HoskingMrs J ColtonMr R Hosking
713 Large WhiteMr B HockingMr R HoskingMr R Hosking
723 Large Light BrownMr R HoskingMr R HoskingMrs L Hosking
733 Large AOCMrs L HoskingMr B HockingMr R Hosking
743 Bantam Dark BrownMr B Hocking
753 Bantam WhiteMr B HockingMr B Hocking
763 Bantam Light BrownMr B Hocking
773 Bantam AOCMr B HockingMr B HockingMrs L Hosking
781 Supreme LargeMr R HoskingMr R HoskingMr B Hocking
791 Supreme BantamMr B HockingMr B HockingMr A Oatey
803 WaterfowlMr B HockingMr B HockingMrs L Hosking
811 Hen’s Egg, contents onlyMrs J ColtonMrs J ColtonMr B Hocking
Cookery - jointly sponsored by Consols Oils, Denis May & Son, and Edward Buckland (Auctioneer and Valuer)1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
82White Bread Loaf - approx 450g (1lb)Rosemary HockingRosemary HockingMr M J Dickie
83Four White Splits - joinedSuzanne BeardMrs B ChapmanMrs I Aldous
84Granary Cottage Loaf – approx 450g (1lb)Mr M J DickieMrs S FloydMrs S Floyd
85Four White Yeast BunsMrs I AldousMrs B ChapmanMrs M Higgins
86Four Mince Pies - Shortcrust pastryMrs E KnightKate KnightMrs J Parker
87Cornish Heavy Cake - approx 7” diameterBonnie ChapmanMrs B ChapmanMrs L Dickie
88Round of Shortbread - approx 7”Georgina MonkMrs B ChapmanMrs L Dickie
89Victoria Sponge, raspberry jam filled - approx 7"Emma HarrisMrs M HigginsBonnie Chapman
90Four Fruit SconesMrs L DickieRachael HarrisMrs E Knight
91Four Chocolate Chip CookiesRachael EamesMrs C GriggHelen Retallick
92Cornish Pasty - approx 7" longMrs M HigginsMrs J AnnearMrs M Northey
93Four Sausage Rolls - Shortcrust PastryKim BackwayBonnie ChapmanGeorgina Monk
94An Iced Christmas Cake (Not to be cut)Mrs S NewlinGeorgina MonkMiss J Newlin
95Cherry Cake (Set recipe)Mrs J AnnearKate KnightMrs D Edmond
96Chocolate Sponge (novice class)Sam CleeveShannan Wimberley
97Four Triple Chocolate Cookies (YFC members only)Georgina MonkEmma HarrisBonnie Chapman
98Bakewell Tart – approx. 7” (YFC members only)Georgina MonkRosie NichollsKelly Gibbs
99Four Blondies (YFC members only)Bonnie ChapmanEmma Harris
100Cornish Pasty - approx 7" long (YFC members only)Bonnie ChapmanEmma HarrisRachael Harris
101Four Butterfly Buns (Childrens Class under 11's)Bradley TrewinRachel PaullHelen Anderson
Preserves - sponsored by Teagle Farm Machinery1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
102Jar of MincemeatMrs L DickieMrs J ParkerGeorgina Monk
103Jar of JellyMiss E M PengellyMrs L DickieMiss E M Pengelly
104Jar of MarmaladeSuzanne BeardMrs S FloydMrs J Annear
105Jar of JamMrs S FloydMrs L BirchallMrs J Parker
106Jar of Lemon CurdMrs S FloydMrs S FloydGeorgina Monk
107Jar of ChutneyMrs J ParkerMrs S FloydMrs S Floyd
108Jar of Chutney (Novice Class)Mrs A BridleHelen Anderson
Honey - sponsored by Mr and Mrs E T Carlyon1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
1092 Jars of Light HoneyMr R SmetherhamMr K F MagorMr R Smetherham
1102 Jars of Medium HoneyMrs S SleemanMr R SmetherhamMr R Smetherham
1112 Jars of Dark HoneyMr R Smetherham
1122 Jars of Naturally Crystallised HoneyNot AwardedMr B J Henderson-Smith
1132 Cartons of Cut Comb Honey (not less than 200g )No Entries
114Cake of Beeswax (weighing between 200g – 255g)Mr R SmetherhamNot AwardedMr B J Henderson-Smith
1153 Beeswax candles - made by any method and displayed erectMr R SmetherhamMrs S Sleeman
1161 Jar of Honey to be judged on flavour aloneMrs S SleemanNot AwardedMr R Smetherham
Photography - sponsored by Trewithen Estate1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
117Colour photograph ‘Beekeeping’. Max.10in x 8in including mountMr S PreeceMr R SmetherhamMr R Smetherham
118‘Village Life’ Max.10in x 8in including mountMr S PreeceMrs J OsborneAndy Harris
119‘Countryside Pursuits’ Max.10in x 8in including mountMr J PetersMrs C GriggMrs C Grigg
120‘Vintage Farming’ Max.10in x 8in including mountChris RabyMr S PreeceKelly Gibbs
121‘Caught in the Act’ Max.10in x 8in including mountMr S PreeceMrs C GriggMrs C Grigg
Floral Art Section - sponsored by Truro City Council1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
122A Serviette ringHelen ThomasMrs P WilliamsMs C Stacey
123A Floral ArrangementMrs P WilliamsMrs P BlakeMrs J Halstead
124An Arrangement of FoliageMrs P BlakeHelen ThomasMrs J Osborne
125A Welcome Door WreathMrs P WilliamsMrs P BlakeMrs J Halstead
Handicraft - sponsored by Vincent Tractors Ltd1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
126Woodcarving - A SculptureMr S CourtenayMr J SamworthJack Opie
127Woodcarving - A ReliefNo Entries
128Wood - Turned ArticleGary FinnemoreMr R J KneeboneMr R J Kneebone
129Wood -Turned Article (Novice)Mrs J OsborneTom RetallickMrs J Osborne
130An exhibit in Cross StitchPat CowardMaureen TaylorMrs J Peters
131An embroidered articleMrs M BrownMrs M BrownMrs P Dodd
132A Christmas CardVera DuckworthThreemilestone YFCMrs J Hurren
133A Decorated Christmas GiftMrs W McCullochMrs J PetersMrs M Northey
134A Clothes Peg BagNo Entries
135A Christmas StockingClaire RowswellMrs J PetersMrs J McKay
136A Lace ItemMrs L DickiePat CowardJill Parkins
137A Knitted Doll (YFC members only)No Entries
138A Felt Purse (YFC members only)Emma Harris
Childrens Section (Reception - Year 2) - sponsored by Truro Farm Machinery Ltd1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
139A Christmas CardVeryan C of E SchoolTreyew Primary School - Class 1Treyew Primary School - Class 2
140Handwriting – ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ 1st paragraphThreemilestone SchoolProbus C P SchoolVeryan C of E School
141A Handprint Painting. Maximum A3Veryan C of E SchoolThreemilestone SchoolLadock C of E School
Childrens Section (Year 3 - Year 4)1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
142A Playdough Meal on a Paper Plate.Bradley TrewinLadock C of E SchoolThreemilestone School
143Handwriting – ‘Friends’ by Abbie Farwell-Brown – 1st & 2nd paragraphThreemilestone SchoolChloe MorcomLadock C of E School
144A Painting of a Farm Animal in Water Colour.Probus C P SchoolVeryan C of E SchoolBradley Trewin
Childrens Section (Year 5 - Year 6)1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
145A Tie-dyed handkerchiefProbus C P SchoolThreemilestone SchoolLadock C of E School
146Handwriting - ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’ by Clement C. Moore – 1st - 4th paragraph.Probus C P SchoolLadock C of E SchoolThreemilestone School
147A Poster for a Christmas School Fair - Computer Aided.Veryan C of E SchoolThreemilestone SchoolLadock C of E School