2018 Show Results

Full results for 2018 now available below. Click to expand each section to review the winners and runners-up in full. The auction results for the Champions can be found on our news page.
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
1South Devon steer or heifer pure bred
Sponsored by Cornwall Farm Machinery & Brewin Dolphin
N & E Bunkum
A F Cook
'These Days'
SJ & SM Ward
2Any pure or cross bred steer or heifer 100% British native breeding, excluding pure bred South Devon.
Sponsored by Mr James Williams & Mr Fred James
No entries
3Any cross bred steer or heifer sired by a British native breed.
Sponsored by Stephens Scown Solicitors
Lin Calcraft
'Wee Rebel'
C & R Withers
'Foxy Loxy'
AMC Eddy
4Any pure or cross bred steer sired by non British native breed
Sponsored by Robinson Reed Layton & S C Nutrition Ltd
J Sluggett
AMC Eddy
'Evening Star'
N & O Penellum
5AAny pure or cross bred heifer, excluding pure bed South Devon - Section A
Sponsored by PKF Francis Clark & Carter Jonas
R Cobbledick
T & S Wilton
'Treballywyn Blue Rose'
Kian Frain
5BAny pure or cross bred heifer, excluding pure bred South Devon - Section B
Sponsored by Francis Clark & Carter Jonas
Lin Calcraft
C & R Withers
N & E Bunkum
'Madame Butterfly'
6Best steer or heifer - never won 1st prize at Truro before
Sponsored by Folk2Folk & Mr James Williams
Caitlin Eddy
S Penellum
'Miss Turbo'
T & S Wilton
'Treballywyn Blue Rose'
7Best pair of cattle of any breed or cross.
Sponsored by Tregothnan Estate
C & R WithersLin CalcraftN & O Penellum
8Best Local steer or heifer (Exhibitor bred)
Sponsored by Hamblys Ltd
SJ & SM Ward
T & S Wilton
'Treballywyn Blue Rose'
P Kingdom & Sons
'Sian 3rd'
9Best Local steer or heifer (Non exhibitor bred)
Sponsored by NFU Mutual Group Secretaries
C & R Withers
C & R Withers
'Foxy Loxy'
N & O Penellum
Show Champion
Sponsored by The Nare Hotel
Lin Calcraft
Reserve Champion
Sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers Ltd
J Sluggett
Local Champion
Sponsored by Lodge and Thomas
C & R Withers
Reserve Local Champion
Sponsored by R J Trevarthan Wholesale Butcher & Haulier
SJ & SM Ward
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
10Best pen of 2 lambs of any weight or breed. Market ready - no show trimming, colouring or washing allowed
Sponsored by Cornish Mutual
G & S RenfreeP J Grylls & SonsMax Grigg
11The best single butchers lamb, any breed, any weight
Sponsored by Aqua Source (SW) Ltd
G & S RenfreeA & A PedrickG & S Renfree
12Pair of butchers lambs - 42kgs & under
Sponsored by Flag Leaf Finance Ltd
G & S RenfreeG & S RenfreeA & A Pedrick
13Pair of butchers lambs - 42.1kgs to 48kgs
Sponsored by Stags
G & S RenfreeG & S RenfreeA & A Pedrick
14Pair of butchers lambs - 48kgs and over
Sponsored by Trewithen Estate
A & A Pedrick G & S RenfreeLin Calcraft
Supreme Champion Pair of Lambs
Sponsored by J C Harfoot Machinery & Rosettes of Quality
A & A Pedrick
Reserve Champion Pair of Lambs
Sponsored by Hewaswater Scaffolding Ltd
G & S Renfree
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
15Best Single Dressed Lamb Carcass - Sired by a British native breed
Sponsored by Mr & Mrs Jack Weir
SJ & SM Ward
15ABest Single Dressed Lamb Carcass - Sired by a Continental breed
Sponsored by J V Richards (Rietfontein) Ltd
G & S Renfree G & S RenfreeSJ & SM Ward
Champion Lamb CarcassG & S Renfree
Reserve Champion Lamb CarcassSJ & SM Ward
Sponsored by Truro Farm Machinery
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
16Best meadow haySJ & SM WardDan NattleErnie Bowden
17Best seeds hayErnie Bowden Mr C BenneyJohn Vercoe
18Best sample of baled grass silageJohn VercoeR & DP RuleRobert Prowse
19Best sample of clamp grass silageW F Gluyas & SonJ Thomas CJ & PM George
20Best sample of maize silageP J Grylls & SonsJohn HellerK & L Care
21Best sample of whole crop silageAD & JA Bray
Sponsored by Hutchinsons Ltd
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
22WheatWF Gluyas & Son Joe DunstanH Emmett
23OatsSJ & SM WardWF Gluyas & SonJoe Dunstan
24Barley (Winter)SJ & SM WardWF Gluyas & SonDan Martyn
25Barley (Spring)WF Gluyas & SonSJ & SM WardH Emmett
26Field Peas or Beans or LupinsH Emmett SJ & SM Ward
27Oilseed RapeJoe Dunstan
28A Harvest Sheaf of Corn (any type of grain)Dan NattleSJ & SM Ward
Sponsored by Alan Snow Agricultural Engineers
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
29Three Mangolds (Globe or Intermediate)TB Osborne TB Osborne
30Heaviest MangoldTB Osborne
31Three SwedesTB Osborne R & T BowdenTB Osborne
32Heaviest SwedeTB OsborneP Kingdon & Sons
33Three Fodder BeetR & T Bowden ID & SS BackwayErnie Bowden
34Heaviest Fodder BeetErnie Bowden K & L CareAmy Care
353 Stems of KaleRobert Prowse
Sponsored by YARA UK Ltd
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
362 Heads CauliflowerMr M PryorPE Simmons LtdSouthern England Farms
37Supermarket Face Pack of Cauliflower (x8)Southern England FarmsA ColesMr M Pryor
382 Savoy CabbagesID & SS BackwaySouthern England FarmsPE Simmons Ltd
392 Heads of Pointed CabbagesPE Simmons LtdSouthern England Farms
402 Stems of Curly KaleSouthern England Farms A ColesID & SS Backway
412 Stems Brussel SproutsRalph PengellyID & SS Backway
42Five White Potatoes (Any variety)Jamys Semmens
43Five Coloured Potatoes (Any variety)SJ & SM Ward
44Heaviest PotatoDavid Broad
45A collection of assorted vegetables in cardboard box approx 23" x 15" ID & SS BackwayR Collins & SonRalph Pengelly
46A 'Novelty' Naturally Shaped VegetableJack CarlyonJamys Semmens
Sponsored by Fentongollan Plants Ltd
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
49Three White Potatoes - any varietyMr C ThomasMr C ThomasMr G Grigg
50Three Coloured Potatoes - any varietyMr C ThomasMr C Thomas
51Nine Potatoes in three varieties, namedMr C ThomasMr C Thomas
52Best Three OnionsMr C ThomasMr C ThomasMr T Floyd
53Best Three CarrotsMr C ThomasMr C ThomasMr RCB Thomas
54Best Six ShallotsMr C ThomasMr C ThomasMr T Floyd
55Best Three Leeks (tops & roots untrimmed)Mr C Thomas Mr C ThomasMr T Floyd
56Best Three BeetrootMr T FloydMr C Thomas Mr C Thomas
57Best Three ParsnipsMr C Thomas Mr RCB ThomasMr T Floyd
58Heaviest Quality OnionMr C Thomas
59Best MarrowMr C ThomasMr C ThomasMr T Floyd
60Best PumpkinMr J McCulloch Mr MP ChegwiddenMr R Baker
61Heaviest PumpkinMr J McCulloch Mr R BakerMr MP Chegwidden
62Five Fronds of ParsleyMr C Thomas Mr C ThomasMr RCB Thomas
Sponsored by Mr Trevor Burley
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
63Dish of 3 Culinary ApplesMrs J AnnearMrs J AnnearMrs H Thomas
64Dish of 3 Dessert ApplesMr T FloydSJ & SM WardMrs J Annear
Sponsored by Mrs Pam Williams
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
653 Large Dark BrownGloria Vincent Mrs J ColtonRoger Thomas
663 Large WhiteTeresa FordTeresa FordSamuel Rowe
673 Large Light BrownTeresa FordSamuel Rowe
683 Large AOCTeresa FordTeresa Ford
693 Bantam Dark BrownRoger ThomasRoger Thomas
703 Bantam WhiteRoger Thomas Teresa FordTeresa Ford
713 Bantam Light BrownRoger Thomas Shannagh ClemensTeresa Ford
723 Bantam AOCTeresa FordTeresa Ford
731 Supreme LargeRoger ThomasMrs J ColtonTeresa Ford
741 Supreme BantamRoger Thomas Roger Thomas Miss E Pengelly
753 WaterfowlMr NF DalgarnoMr NF DalgarnoRoger Thomas
761 Hen’s Egg, contents onlyMrs A CarlyonSamuel RoweMrs J Colton
Sponsored by Mr & Mrs Edward Carlyon
Class NoClass Name 1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
77Four White Splits (joined)Mrs B ChapmanGeorgina Stephens Margaret Higgins
78Four Saffron Buns Margaret Higgins Margaret Higgins E Williams
79Cornish Heavy Cake Patricia RuleE Williams Emma Harris
80Cornish Pasty Mrs M Chegwidden Margaret Higgins Margaret Higgins
81Four Cornish Ginger Fairings Georgina Stephens Emma Harris Rebecca Frank
82White Bread Loaf - approx 450g (1lb)Mrs B ChapmanMr M DickieGeorgina Stephens
83Brown Cottage Loaf - approx 450g (1lb)Rosemary HockingRosemary HockingMr M Dickie
84Four Mince Pies - shortcrust pastry Georgina Stephens Tegan ArthurGloria Vincent
85A Shortbread RoundHelen KnowlesPenny HopeNorma Edwards
86Victoria Sandwich, raspberry jam filled Emma Harris Mrs L BirchallGeorgina Stephens
87A Chocolate Yule Log - max 9" longGeorgina Stephens Rebecca FrankMrs B Chapman
88Four Cheese Scones K & L CareRebecca JenkinTegan Arthur
89Four Sausage Rolls - shortcrust pastry Vicky PryorMrs B Chapman Rachael Eames
90An Iced Christmas Cake (not to be cut)Mary LindseyLorna Semmens
91Dundee Cake - Set recipe Mrs D EdmondEmma Harris Frankie Rickard
92An Iced Christmas Cake (not to be cut) Novice ClassMrs H AndersonEmma Tristram
93A Quiche (YFC members only)Emily Tozer Emily Tozer Frankie Rickard
94Four Christmas Decorated Cup cakes (YFC members only)Tegan ArthurJess Hicks Emily Tozer
95Lemon Drizzle Cake - 2lb loaf tin (YFC members only)Lorna OateyMatthew Vincent Frankie Rickard
96Cornish Pasty approx 7" long (YFC members only)Emily Tozer Emily Tozer Matthew Vincent
97Four Square Rocky Roads - Childrens class - Age 4-11 years Evie NobleLeo ParkerCharlotte Selley
98Four Square Millionaire Shortbread - Childrens class - Age 12-16 years Max GriggThomas GarciaAbbie Sowerby
Sponsored by Teagle Machinery Ltd
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
99Jar of MincemeatJane ParkerMrs E FalknerFranke Rickard
100Jar of JellyMrs S ThomasJane Parker Mrs J Annear
101Jar of MarmaladeMrs J Annear Mary DaleMary Dale
102Jar of JamMrs S ThomasMiss E PengellyMrs J Andrew
103Jar of Lemon CurdFrankie RickardE Williams Mrs J Andrew
104Jar of ChutneyJane Parker Mrs L BirchallMrs H Anderson
105Jar of Chutney (Novice Class)Mrs S Anderson Charlene Preece Tanya Thomas
106Homemade Liqueur suitable for hipflask Charlene PreeceGloria Vincent Miss G Paull
Sponsored by Mr Richard Thomas
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
1072 Jars of Light HoneyJudy Sargent BJ Henderson SmithBJ Henderson Smith
1082 Jars of Medium HoneyJohn Roberts John Roberts
1092 Jars of Dark HoneyNo entries
1102 Jars of Naturally Crystallised HoneyS SleemanR Smetheram
1112 Cartons of Cut Comb Honey (not less than 200g )S Sleeman
112Cake of BeeswaxS Sleeman John RobertsR Smetheram
1133 Beeswax candlesR Smetheram S Sleeman John Roberts
1141 Jar of Honey to be judged on flavour aloneBJ Henderson SmithS Sleeman
Sponsored by Hotel Tresanton
Class No Class Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
115Colour photograph ‘'Beekeeping’'Mr R TollidayMr R Tolliday Leah Hampton
116A Cornish Landscape Leah HamptonLeah Hampton Mr R Tolliday
117People at Work Leah Hampton Judith WithersLeah Hampton
118Cornish Heritage Clare GriggAnnabel JonesLeah Hampton
119A Black & White Photo - any subject Leah Hampton Mr R TollidayMr S Preece
Sponsored by Truro City Council
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
120A Petite Exhibit - in an egg cup to depict the theme 'Farming'Mrs H ThomasJess HicksJill Opie
121A Table Arrangement - to depict the theme 'Jingle Bells'Jill OpieMrs P AnnearElizabeth Kirk
122A Foliage Arrangement - to depict the theme 'Cornwall in the Snow'Mrs H ThomasRachel SelleyElizabeth Kirk
123A Fresh/Dried Wreath - to depict the theme 'Mother Goose'Elizabeth KirkMrs H Thomas Jill Opie
Sponsored by Mr & Mrs Paul Vage
Class No Class Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
124Woodcarving - A SculptureTim Sargent
125Woodcarving - A ReliefNo entries
126Wood - Turned ArticleMr I HamptonGeoff OsborneRoger Kneebone
127A Hand Embroidered ItemMrs W McCulloch Mrs A BolithoMrs W McCulloch
128A Knitted Toy Mrs W McCulloch Mrs J HurrenMrs C Stone
129A Christmas CardMrs M NortheyMrs W McCullochMrs J Hurren
130A Ceramic Mosaic Coaster No entries
131A Pair of Welly Warmers Mary LindseyMary LindseyMrs C Stone
132'Promoting Cornish Wool' - Something Out of NothingAlison Chamberlain Caroline StoneRos Slatter
133A Woven Sample of Point TwillAudrey DurrantBev HeardA Chamberlain
134A Christmas Tree Decoration (YFC members only)Vicky PryorEmily TozerEmily Tozer
135A Decorated Welly (YFC Members only)Emily Tozer
Sponsored by Mitchell & Webber
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
136A Leaf Picture (Year R/1/2)Dustin DunstanLadock C of E Primary School Lorna Harris
137Handwriting –- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Verse (Year R/1/2)Probus SchoolMount Hawke School Veryan C of E School
138An Item made from Egg Boxes (Year R/1/2)Thomas HowardHarry BucklandMax Lamble
139A Paper Snowflake (Year 3/4)Probus SchoolLadock C of E Primary SchoolFrederick Wearne
140Handwriting - We Wish You a Merry Christmas - 3 verses (Year 3/4)Probus SchoolVeryan C of E Primary SchoolLeo Parker
141A Decorated Plant Pot (Year 3/4)Probus School Ladock C of E Primary School Leo Parker
142An Item made from Fir Cones (Year 5/6)Ladock C of E Primary School Probus School Evie Howard
143Handwriting - The National Anthem - 1st & 2nd verses (Year 5/6)Savanna Vincent Ladock C of E Primary SchoolAbi Buckland
144An Invitation to a Royal Wedding - Computer Aided (Year 5/6)Evie HowardAbi BucklandDaisy Thomas
Sponsored by Harpers Home Mix Ltd
Class NoClass Name1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
47Points JudgingTori LeggottFleur HinkleyEmma Tristram
48Beef Stock JudgingKian Frain

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